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Call for Expression of Interest II



Please follow the link to the Call for Expression of Interest II

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About the IoT4Industry project: Industry 4.0 for SMEs

IoT4Industry is a 30 months project funded by the Horizon 2020 programme of the European Commission. It connects 3 Information and Communication Technologies clusters having strong competences in Internet of Things (IoT): Secured Communicating Solutions (SCS) cluster (France), microTEC Südwest e.V. (Germany), DSP Valley (Belgium);  with 4 industrial clusters having access to tool manufacturers and manufacturing SMEs: MESAP (Italy), Mont-Blanc Industries (France), Pôle MecaTech (Belgium), the Manufacturing Technology Centre (United Kingdom); and inno TSD (France).

The IoT4Industry project seeks to support EU growth and competitiveness through the development of a new cross-sectoral industrial value chain based on the integration and use of IoT and related components (sensors, chips, electronics component, communication networks, cloud computing, Big Data, Artificial Intelligence, digital security, etc.) into manufacturing tools, machines and robots, industrial processes, factories environment, supply chain integration, intra  logistics & logistics 4.0 product life cycle, smart packaging, etc. It will do so through the cross-border collaboration between SMEs and other RDI actors of the ICT and advanced manufacturing sectors.

The IoTIndustry project will provide support services (matchmaking and project design) and funding to develop such collaborative projects. The funding will be allocated through 2 calls for projects, and the support services will be provided by the consortium partners through this call for expression of Interest.

Purpose of this call for Expression of Interest II

Before the opening of these project calls, we are launching a call for “Expression of Interest” to identify and transform project ideas into relevant projects for the forthcoming calls.

 NB: answering to the call for Expression of Interest is not a prerequisite for answering to the calls for projects. However, it is mandatory for benefitting to the services described below.

The call for Expression of Interest II is opened from the 1st of March until the 5th of May 2019.

Project support services
Entities submitting an expression of interest II coherent with the project objectives will get access to the following support services1:

  • For entities which are not member of one of consortium partners: access to collective training sessions, information about the call, suggestions of matching partners to complete project idea (if needed);
  • For entities which are member of one of consortium partners: all items mentioned above + individual support for project definition.

1 Disclaimer – Support Services & Liability: in the framework of this call of expression of interest, the consortium partners can provide a set of support services to help applicants with to apply to the official “call for collaborative project” (ex: collective information sessions, matchmaking proposition with potential partners…). The evaluation is performed by selected external experts, therefore the Consortium partners cannot be held responsible of the result of the proposal evaluation.


Who can apply to the call for Expression of Interest

Legal entities (SMEs, large companies and research centers) based in European member states or Horizon 2020 associated countries working in the industrial/manufacturing or ICT/IoT domains are invited to apply. Only SMEs will be eligible to funding in the framework of the calls for projects.


How to apply to the calls for Expression of Interest

Candidates are invited to submit their expression of interest by clicking on the “apply button” and follow-up the indication to fill in the questionnaire.

Financing Scheme


  • The first call was open from 20th September to 20th December 2018
  • The second call will be open between 1st April and 11th June 2019

Available funding types for SMEs
Depending on the type of collaborative project proposal of applicants, the IoT4Industry project can provide 3 different types of vouchers (see table below).

  Feasibility study Prototyping Demonstration / pilot
TRL (Technology Readiness Level) of envisaged project 4-5 6 7-8
Maximum amount granted per beneficiary (SME) 25 000 € 45 000 € 60 000 €
Maximum Lump sum per project type 50 000 € 90 000 € 120 000 €
Funding rate Lump sum Lump sum Lump sum
Time frame Up to 6 months Up to 12 months Up to 12 months
  • Feasibility studies will target companies having an idea of the intended project but with needs for further analyses of the technical aspects, the intellectual property issues, the design study, etc.
  • Prototyping will target companies having already carried out a feasibility study but needing to develop a prototype, to spend efforts in miniaturization, in testing, etc.
  • The demonstration/pilot instrument will target campanies having already developed and tested a prototype but needing to demonstrate its efficiency on a larger scale.

Several eligible SMEs can participate in the same project proposal, and ask for a higher lump sum. The maximum depends on the project type (Feasibility Study, Prototyping or demonstrator) as shown in the table.

Who can apply to the calls for projects? 2

  • Only SMEs will be funded;
  • proposals will be eligible to the call if the following conditions are met:
    • the consortium is composed of minimum two legal entities based in two different regions of European member states and Horizon 2020 associated countries);
    • at least one entity is based in a country of one the consortium partners (United Kingdom, Belgium, Germany, France, Italy);
    • at least one of these legal entities is an SME;
  • at least one entity must belong to the manufacturing or industrial value chain and another one to the ICT/IoT value chain.


What is expected ?

  • Project proposals should present an industrial/manufacturing case, where IoT has a clear added value (using sensors, chips, networks, cloud, big data, security solutions, Artificial Intelligence, etc.), be innovative (beyond the state-of-the-art) and have a clear impact on all partners involved.
  • Transnational projects (i.e. involving parties from at least two different countries) will receive a better evaluation under the impact criterium than transregional projects (i.e. involving parties from different regions within the same country).
  • SMEs applying are expected to have a proven track record and capacity to implement the action, a coherent R&D and commercial strategy, and sound and viable financial situation.

2 Disclaimer: the points listed above are for information purposes only. The official application conditions to the call for collaborative project will be detailed in the guidebook of applicants, and might differ from what is listed in this call for expression of interest.  

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