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Quality control tracking in Pasta Industry value chain

Italy is the largest producer of pasta in the world with 3.3 million tons per year. The quality of the pasta is paramount for the competitiveness of this important European industry and depends mainly on quality of wheat. To defend the Made in Italy, therefore, the goal is not only to make good pasta but also to cultivate quality durum wheat. The certification of the supply chain becomes key toll to propose a quality product and ask for a premium price remaining competitive with respect to low quality products. The objective of the project is the installation of a "pilot system" for pasta value chain traceability leveraging on blockchain technology as a mean to collect and store data on the "history" of pasta, exportable in the cloud and use them in the post-production commercial chain, up to the final customer. The final objective is to track all the data related to the production, distribution and retail phases in order to improve the overall efficiency of the quality control process of the product and to certify it to the end customers. The pilot will be designed to be open, in the mean of being a part of a broader ecosystem of innovative digital solutions, covering potentially the entire value chain: e.g. the project is compatible with different pilots focusing on monitoring the production process gathering data from advanced wireless sensor technology. The project involves a pasta factory, Rustichella d’Abruzzo, and a blockchain solution provider, PMAR.


The project was successful because of the right choice of partners (Rustichella D'Abruzzo and PMAR). Thanks to the constant support of IoT4Industry we have been guided until the end of the project with the right steps to follow in order to well complete the pilot. Therefore, all the actors involved could achieve the objectives because of great understanding of each other, good communication and impressive dedication to meet IoT4Industry expectations. Even though we were really far from each other we really could work as a team. We have shared Ideas, action plans and goals to reach the expected result. Thanks to this project result I think that many SME's in Europe can really benefit from such a project implementation because on one hand: they can seek innovation and keep high the life cycle of a company that never has to drop down in order to be always competitive in the market. On the other: they can increase market share, visibility and customers base. Further to that, being a partner of IoT4Industry can increase your level of knowledge in terms of innovation technology that nowadays is the key to success.

Piero Peduzzi, Rustichella d' Abruzzo


The Pasta_tracker project was successful because the security of blockchain technology was applied to a complex business activity such as that of an Italian pasta manufacturer. The other European SMEs can benefit from this experience by getting knowledge of costs, technologies, difficulties and benefits of supply chain tracking via block-chain.

Paolo Marenghi, PMAR




Project type



Project budget

(IoT4industry funding): 120 000 €


Project end date

(estimated): March 2020



The solution proposed by PMAR will enhance the production of high-quality pasta from several points of view:

  • the monitoring of the end to end process enables the use data to correct and improve the process;
  • the possibility to certify the provenance of raw materials and the production process standard enhance the competitiveness of high-quality pasta;
  • a European excellence of this industry, enhancing its competitiveness: the quality control to
  • produce high quality pasta mitigates also the risks associated with pasta counterfeiting or fake;
  • products (“Italian sounding”) which damages competitiveness of European pasta industry.

It consists of the following technologies:

  • Cloud space with remote IoT software;
  • Blockchain hyperledger framework;
  • IoT sensors;
  • Food tracking “software platform” with API interface;

Web tool and user interface.



Partners involved

Logo / Website Name Type Country Region
PMAR S.r.o. SME Slovakia Slovakia
Rustichella d’Abruzzo SME Italy Sud


Vertical sector addressed

  • Food & beverage

Industrial application addressed

  • Track & trace

Technologies involved

  • IoT
  • Blockchain


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