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Unidirectional Security Gateway for IoT Camera Applications

Industrial players need to collect valuable data from various security-relevant control systems from highly protected locations and data networks. This data is used for remote control and remote monitoring but as already happened, attackers were using the channels where the data was transferred to manipulate the system and gather data from sites where they normally do not have access to. Industrial IoT networks have to adequately address this issue. Data diodes are important complements to other secured connections since they will physically let the data pass only in a pre-defined direction (unidirectional communication).

For small companies a customized and fair-price solution is needed to ensure the sensitive data protection, safety and cybersecurity. Today, dedicated camera systems, IoT systems, data diode technology, remote configuration, notification systems are all existing, but not as a single integrated system which brings the advantages of each of the different technologies together. A pilot is established by COMmeto (BE) and RadiÖko (HU) to develop a system which is easily accessible, configurable and affordable by SMEs.

The objective of the project is to create and test an integrated system to allow capturing signals from cameras located at highly protected industrial areas with the integration of unidirectional communication network technology (Data diodes, DataSecure – RadiÖko) and the IoT Gateway technology with providing support for event notification (COMmeto).

The networked camera systems send their data through a data diode (unidirectional network). The data on the receiver part of the data diode is sent through the IoT Gateway, which makes the camera streams remotely manageable and allow for event notification.


Project type



Project budget

(IoT4industry funding): 120 000 €


Project end date

(estimated): 30/04/2020


Partners involved

Logo / Website Name Type Country Region
COMmeto SME Belgium Flanders
Radiöko SME Hungary HU2


Vertical sector addressed

  • Electronics, Nuclear
  • Security/Surveillance

Industrial application addressed

  • Monitoring & control
  • Safety & security

Technologies involved

  • IoT & wearables
  • Cybersecurity


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